About VK Design

Vance Kalynn – Founder & CEO

VK Design was founded by Vance Kalynn, a skilled metal craftsman who developed a passion for old-world casting and hand-sculpted metal fabrication.

As he studied and perfected the techniques of the European masters, he started infusing 21st century technology to improve results, consistency, and finishes. Vance developed unique continuous casting techniques that allow him to create seamless countertops and panels that exceed thirty-five feet in length!

He pioneered fabrication techniques that make custom cast metal countertops and fixtures functional and affordable for commercial and residential applications. If you are looking to make a spectacular statement, VK Design products are one-of-a-kind.

Over the last decade Vance has expanded his casting techniques to include a wide variety of complementary products; wall panels, tiles, bathtubs, light fixtures, and sinks. His work, both traditional and contemporary, is featured nationwide in private residences, commercial and hospitality settings.

The VK Design “old-world meets high tech” approach enables the affordable execution of one-of-a-kind custom projects in addition to the standard VK Design products. Contact Vance and his team to discuss your project and tap into their creative genius and expertise.